Friday, October 1, 2010

Introducing Pedro Lourenço

Pedro Lourenço is a 20 year old Brazilian fashion designer. Son of Gloria Coelho and Reinaldo Lourenço, both fashion designers. He signed his first collection at the age of 12, in 2003. In 2005 Pedro oficially launched his own brand starring in SÃO PAULO FASHION WEEK. But in 2006, he gave a time for his career, and at 16 years old, the young fashion designer decided to finish high school, study French and then study History of Art. Pedro's first fashion show in Paris was in the last FALL/WINTER PFW. The SS11 was his second fashion show presented in Paris.
 What do you think about his collection?


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Só Futy said...

'm a fan of the creations of the parents of Peter (Gloria Coelho and Reinaldo Lourenço), it follows the line of the two. Structured pieces, and a well-made tailoring.

Anonymous said...

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